If our natural tresses are to compliment, enhance and portray to the world a showcase of our internal beauty, externally, indeed we need to find what will enhance and project our natural features. Like a diamond in the rough that is carefully cut and polished to show the world its every facet.

The Ark personnel will gladly guide you to that decision with a consultation to ensure you are able to manage your hair within your lifestyle and away from the Salon.

Once you’re on board we can begin. Need a travel companion for this journey? Then THE ARK has come to the rescue. Let’s go!

The next leg of the journey is to set the stage and embark on the design. The hair cut is the essential ingredient, the foundation upon which everything else is designed for.

Please note: Prices can vary. For the most up to date pricing please use our online booking form.


Maintenance Cut:
This is where we tidy up and maintain the style you already have. It’s the same cut trimmed up to look the same as you did a few weeks ago.

Time frame: 20 mins.

Light dry or style dry available at extra charge.

Pricing for Trims:

  • Basic trim from $40
  • Pensioners from $36.50
  • Clipper cut $27.00
  • Kids under 5yrs $26.50
  • Kids under 12 yrs $30
  • Light dry or style dry is an extra charge
    (Extra for style cuts/reshapes)


This haircut is for those who need more than a trim who haven’t had a haircut for 12 weeks.
Time frame: 30 to 40 mins.

Style Cuts:

The hair has got to go! This endeavour is for those who want an entirely new look and want to update the character of their style. It isn’t a trim nor is it a reshape.
Time frame: up to an hour

  • Style cut only $70.00
  • Shampoo and style dry (recommended to see the finished style) styling products and finishing spray are extra

Colouring and Straightening

Wanting to feel in tune and free with your hair colour is of great importance. Delve into the colour palette of nature with the sunrises and sunsets of amazing golds, reds, coppers, pinks, purples and iridescences of tincture that will be bound to give you satisfaction at the hues attainable to your liking. Prices will vary due to length, thickness, technique, and whether the colour is straight colour or a combination of colour and foils. To avoid confusion, we have a starting price which will be a guideline from extra short hair to extra-long.

Toner, bleach bath, colour eraser, fashion colours, coloured bleach are NOT INCLUDED IN THESE PRICES and ARE EXTRA ADDITIONS COST WISE.

Colour Packages include hair trim, shampoo, and style dry with finishing products.

  • $130 + extra short hair
  • $148.50 + for regrowth and short hair
  • $158.50+ and upwards for medium length
  • $172.50+ and upwards for long length
  • Extra-long length charge $50 +
  • Toner starts at $45 +
  • Colour Reversal start @ $126.50 +
  • Colour corrections start @ $137.50 +
  • Chemical straightening $176 +

Keratin treatment added to colours additional charge $35 to $55 +
Rebonding, reconstruction and porosity treatments start at $30 +
Keratin treatments for hydrating and strengthening and badly damaged hair start at $72+ to $255.00+

(Charges differ according to the desired result and include a style finish dry)

Avande garde and free hand specialized colouring
Coloured Bleach or lift and load colours POA
Ombre and Balayage POA


Starts @ $146.50 – $225.00 long hair includes hair trim and style finish

Weddings, Formals and Special Occasions

Whatever the occasion your hair is the focal point, allow us the permission to make you belle of the ball.

Prices start at $85+ for curls and Up styles

Braiding starts at $34 .00

Coloured extensions to braids start at $7 each

Head Lice Treatments

We can treat cut colour and upstyle heads with bugs.

We also get rid of bugs. Don’t be embarrassed, we’re the help you need! We have non toxic solutions especially formulated to treat this issue and you can purchase home care to continue treatment if salon treatments are out of your budget.

Starting at short hair level 1 infestation $75+ and increasing in price according to length thickness and infestation. Level 5+ long hair price starts at $255 .

Beauty Services Available

Waxing from eyebrows chins and top lips to chest, back and legs, bikini line and underarms
Prices start at $18.00

  • Lash and brow tinting $19
  • Make up $65
  • Artificial nails $75
  • Infills and resets $ 45
  • Manicures starting at $36.50+
  • Pedicures starting at $46.50 +
  • Mini facials $ 50
  • Facials start at $85
  • Body Piercing starts at $75 + cost of the jewellery.

Club memberships $99 with added bonuses

Kids pamper parties and lesson sessions for kids hair for parents – POA
Starting prices are $40 per child and upwards