No shows and last minute cancellations hurt our business. Without providing us with enough notice, we are unable to offer your appointment to other guests on our waitlist (thereby losing a booking). We send appointment confirmations by SMS in advance of your appointment.

It is ultimately your responsibility to remember your appointment date and time.

A fee will apply for non-attendance if you don’t call and rearrange your appointment or are a no show. Please PHONE US on 0249904887 to rearrange your appointment at least with 24 hours notice.

If you are running late, please call us straight away. We will try to accommodate you the best we can but please understand that we need to run on time to avoid inconveniencing our other appointments.

Mobile Phones

Please turn your phone off or on silent when you attend an appointment. If it is an important call you are expecting please make your appointment at a convenient time that does not interrupt your appointment.

Please DO NOT USE YOUR PHONE when we are:

  • Cutting your hair
  • At the wash basin
  • Whilst colouring
  • You cannot leave your seat to use your phone whilst we are doing your hair

WHY? Constant interruptions are frustrating and cause a big inconvenience whilst we are trying to perform precision cutting and applying colour. Staff and clients DO NOT WANT TO HEAR YOUR CONVERSATIONS that breaches privacy etc. and having your head in a different or downwards angle causes our haircuts to be out of alignment. This issue also puts us behind in our time we have allocated for other clients. If we are being held up time wise we will need to charge you for that extra time on top of your service charge. Thank you for your understanding.

Your satisfaction is extremely important to us. If, for any reason, you are not happy with the service you received, please tell us on the day or call the salon asap to schedule your re-service appointment to discuss any issues within 5 days of your original booking.

If you have decided that what you wanted has changed and we just need to adjust the cut or similar there may be a further fee charged (this fee is usually only the difference in what it would have cost on the day). If it is completely different to your original request then a normal fee MAY APPLY.


Not everyone needs one or wants one. But for $99 a year you can receive a discount on all services and retail as well as monthly specials on services with the added bonus for a friend who isn’t a member. Please ask at the reception desk how to get a membership.

NB. Memberships must be purchased prior to an appointment preferably.