Hair and Beauty Salon in Cessnock, NSW

The Ark Hair Salon in Cessnock NSW.

At The Ark Hair and Beauty Salon we like to be different.
You won’t find models with perfect velvety hair on wall posters. You won’t find luxurious lounges and heated seats. But you will find an air of simplicity with the addition of a welcoming atmosphere in our recently renovated modern twist, federation style, blast from the past décor.

In the 40 years of serving our Cessnock community for hair styling and beauty products, we have learnt many and varied skills to allow our knowledge and experience guide us into what’s best for you, your skin and hair, as well as the needs of your physical and emotional well-being. Little folk aren’t forgotten with their hair care needs either, as over the years many are now our adult clients. We have a special area that is featured for ALL kiddies and their needs.

THE ARK extends the invitation to ALL to “come on board with us!” We won’t take you to the end of the world, but we will take you on a journey full of friendship, laughter and assistance.

Welcome to THE ARK.

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